TOEFL Ultimate Writing Clinic


One Month Package – 1hr 45mins x 4 sessions + a one-time Registration Fee of $55

COURSE DATE: Saturdays, 20th February 2021 to 13th March 2021

VENUE: 190 Clemenceau Avenue or 51 Cuppage Road (Learners will be notified of the exact venue via email at least five days before class commencement)

Closing Date: 18th February 2021

IMPORTANT NOTE: Courses can often reach full capacity, so to avoid disappointment, we highly recommend that you register your interest with us first before making payment, using this link. Thank you.



The English Council’s TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Ultimate Writing Clinic will cultivate all the required knowledge and skills of learners, so they are well primed and confident in taking on the two tasks in the Writing Section of the TOEFL assessment – Integrated Task & Independent Task.

The English Council recognises and understands that the two tasks in the Writing Section might be one of the most challenging components within the TOEFL assessment, and certain learners may need specialised guidance in this area. This programme is specifically designed to aid such learners to strategically prepare through comprehensively covering both writing tasks within the TOEFL assessment, Integrated Task & Independent Task, so they excel.

This programme includes precise step-by-step approaches in unpacking and tackling the different types questions, so learners meet the assessment criteria:

  • Language Use
  • Organisation
  • Clarity
  • Development


In the course of the TOEFL Ultimate Writing Clinic, learners will develop the ability to:

Integrated Task

  • Successfully communicate, using the written word, all the key points from the given academic talk
  • Accurately present all given important information and their correlation from the given academic talk and short reading text
  • Craft and collate given information in an organised manner that is easy to comprehend
  • Minimise on grammatical errors


Independent Task

  • Structure and scaffold ideas in a logical sequence
  • Clearly represent ideas with detailed explanations that reflect cogency, coherence and cohesion
  • Apply logical progression throughout essay
  • Minimise on grammatical errors
  • Use a wide range of sentence structure and vocabulary


Apart from instilling concepts, learners will also be given ample opportunities to apply what they have learnt and consistently receive feedback to allow for better retention of knowledge and skills.


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