ONLINE Creative Writing Clinic (Monthly-Thursdays)


One Month Package – Once a week, 2 hours x 4 sessions + a one-time Registration Fee of $55

COURSE DATE: 18th February 2021, 19:00-21:00

CLASS SIZE: 1 to 5 learners

Closing Date: 16th February 2021

IMPORTANT NOTE: Courses can often reach full capacity, so to avoid disappointment, we highly recommend that you register your interest with us first before making payment, using this link. Thank you.


Our Online LIVE Creative Writing Clinic is a highly interactive virtual classroom designed to accelerate the creative juices and fiery imaginings of young learners and aid them in effectively expressing them with the written word. The online programme’s core objective is to enhance the proficiency of learners in all the necessary components of Creative Writing, honing their observation, description and analysis skills as well as cultivate a critical awareness of literary techniques and craftsmanship. In the course of live online sessions, learners will develop the ability to:

  • become keenly aware of the different genres of writing
  • demonstrate effective use of shape and structure purposeful to each genre
  • elaborate and develop fresh and original ideas that captivate and involve the audience
  • use precise, creative and authentic vocabulary competently
  • sophisticated and confident application of language and literary devices
  • develop an individual voice with a clear purpose, showing keen insight

Apart from the Online Live Classroom sessions not being physically in person, they will still be virtually ‘face-to-face’ and there will be minimal disruption in every other respect in a learner’s development of his or her skill set in Creative Writing.

Learners will be given ample opportunities to apply what they have learnt through mini-practices, collaborative exercises, home assignments and periodic mock tests, to name a few. Learners simply need to submit all given home assignments online, which will be assessed on a weekly basis so as to properly chart each learner’s progress. Consistent online feedback will allow for better retention of knowledge and skills.

All learners need is access to preferably a desktop computer or laptop. If learners do not have access to the former or latter, mobile devices are another alternative.

No stone will be left unturned in this skillfully crafted, broadly inclusive and holistic online programme with fully live classroom sessions, that is keenly attuned to the varying learning needs and styles of different learners.


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