Get LIT!

Get LIT! is a members only learning circle within The English Council for learners to get enlightened, get creative, get connected and get an edge as they discover the English Language through both work and play. 

The learning circle enables our EFL & ESL learners to naturally immerse themselves in the English Language through partaking in interesting activities and workshops such as Wine Tasting, Cooking, Art & Drama workshops, Retreats and the list goes on. Our world is your Classroom. You will do this with other like-minded EFL and ESL learners, enabling you to make new friends as you do so and learn a particular skill or two while you are at it. 

As we run each Get LIT! programme on a quarterly basis, do stay tuned to find out when and where our next Get LIT! experience will take us to. Or you could register your interest HERE so that we may keep you posted instead.